Monthly Archives: October 2019

Erin Goes To Baltimore And Learns How to Breathe With the Exquisite Spirit Who Is Iyanla Vanzant

  With technology and many other types of distractions around us, connecting back to ourselves has become difficult. Iyanla Vanzant, a highly acclaimed spiritual life coach, shares to us how we can be one with ourselves again through the MasterPeace... Read More

Erin Speaks To The Journey’s Dream Team About The Challenges Of Mental Health

  Dreams do come true even when you go through so many tough challenges. In this episode, we learn more about Journey’s Dream – their tools, their mission, and what they need to keep their dream alive. To fully grasp... Read More

Erin Talks with Kris Ward About Conquering Analysis Paralysis in Business

  Challenging ourselves to deviate from our daily patterns can be hard, but oftentimes we have to learn how to approach uncertainties without delays. Kris Ward, a woman with a great heart and old soul and the epitome of marketing,... Read More

Erin Confesses She Doesn’t Drink Water, EVER , With Nutrition Specialist, Annie Jubb

  Did you ever eat something that is so good and yet so bad for you all at the same time that you need a bath or your body needs to get rid of it, but yet you’re still savoring... Read More

Erin Faces A Mother’s Biggest Fear With Mitzi Montague-Bauer

  Boys grow up to be different and more distant from their mothers, and they move away. That is what Mitzi Montague-Bauer realized through her experience with her own son. When Mitzi gave birth to Journey, she didn’t have the... Read More