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The beauty of language is in how it allows us to express what it is we want. Diving deeper into our truth, Jennifer Urezzio puts words into our essential nature through what she calls the Soul Language. Having the same name as the company she created and founded, she tells us what Soul Language is and how we can identify what language we use. Jennifer then highlights the importance of having the belief of divine support who, through the language, guides us to achieve whatever we want. Get to know Jennifer and even yourself in this episode as you tap into finding your truth inside.

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Erin and Her BFF, Jennifer Urezzio, Talk Soul Language And What It Means To Have Warrior Energy

I’ve got my best friend. Her name is Jennifer Urezzio. She is the Creator and the Founder of a company called Soul Language. She has this awesome explanation as to what that is and I’m going to have her explain it because for all those non-evolved souls, we’re still going to need some explanation. Jen, welcome to the show.

I’m excited to be here.

We’re going to get back to how we know each other and how we’re friends but first, explain Soul Language to the audience.

What Soul Language does is it puts words around your essential nature, the internal landscape. Your deepest, darkest core of who you are so you can have conscious communication. You can be clear with yourself, others, your business and in relationships because when you know your truth, it’s easier to express it. You operate less from pain or pattern or experience and more from that knowledge of who you are and you receive from that rather than trying to play the game or fit in a box that’s not you.

It’s all trying to figure out who you are and why you’re here and then a language in which you figure out what to do with what you’re supposed to do?

Yes, and there’s no supposes, you’re always doing what you’re supposed to do. Because people are judging themselves about that purpose like, “Why am I here?” You’re doing it, stop freaking out. It puts tangibility around that so people can connect those people that are longing or searching or they know that there’s something bigger inside of them. Soul Language supports that so you can tune in. It’s like a map of your internal workings so you don’t feel lost. You’re connected. You can make conscious choices. You know where you are at every step of the game and what to do next.

Why did you call it Soul Language? 

I call it Soul Language because I was asking some of the questions about my soul and about how to communicate and how to be happy. I know you’re going to laugh at this but I was angry. I was forced all of my life to put me in this box and I was never accepted for that essential nature.

What do you mean by anger? 

I had a lot of warrior energy. I would go, “Can you pass that pen?” In Corporate America, they’d be like, “Why are you so aggressive?” I’d be like, “Really? Because I just asked for a pen.” I have this ability, which I still see through the facade of people. I had no filters. I would tell it like it is.

I was working with Jen after I left The View and we’d be in these meetings and sure enough, she would innocently ask for something. It was almost like, “Pass the pen.”

By understanding my soul language, understanding that inner working allowed me to accept that. I get paid for being my essential nature. Helping people understand their truth. I get paid for my courage. I get paid for telling people the truth and it’s a bliss. It resulted in me being a lot less angry because I’m a lot less judging myself all the time.

Do we all have different languages? Walk me through what Soul Language is.

There are 107 core energies of the soul.

Who came up with that?

We each have three. You speak one language in three different categories. Your mission, how you feel that mission and then your soulful personality, how your soul prefers to go through life.

Can we walk them through maybe me? 

Your mission is called Mentor. You are always willing to mentor the best in everyone. That’s the top line when you’re in your zone. You’re mentoring. You’re getting mentored. As you’re mentoring someone, you’re also receiving mentorship. The pain of that is that you can do it all but no one else can support you, “I’m good.” Even though you have tons of packages and you can’t open the door. That’s the flip side.

You’re using this based on what?

We identified them.

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Normally there is a process to identify. 

Your second category is how you’ll be known as called the Master. You see the big picture of everything. You’re great with a big picture. You can do the details, but you hate doing details. Youu moved on and you evolved and you’re doing your strengths. Your tone, how you prefer to go through life with you and Eric also share your son. It’s called Intellect. You have this ability. You prefer to see the heart of everything and the logic of everything and you nailed them together. I am nothing like you which is crazy that we’re so close. My mission is called the Equalizer. It’s all about creating the perfect formula balance for myself and others. Another reason why I was miserable is I wasn’t imbalance. I was pushing too hard. I didn’t listen to myself. I wasn’t doing self-care. How I’ll be known here is called the teacher of integrity. All of my life can see where people are out of integrity. When I was younger, I didn’t do that very well about offering the opportunity to get back into that consciousness of love. Now, I do it much better.

My soulful personality is called a graceful warrior. Action, movement, courage and grace. I’m always going to be lovingly now pushing people towards that courage. Pushing them towards that stretching. I do things very fast. I can get more things done, fifteen minutes and more people can do all day long. That’s because of that warrior nature. I’m action-oriented but when you work with those strains, then you become this unstoppable freight train. When I was not working with them, when I was judging myself, when I felt separate, when I felt alone, then all of the unconscious. Making war with everything. Not being in integrity with myself. Being out of balance is what’s being expressed in everything I do.

A lot of people go through that without knowing their languages because when you and I were in the workplace, we’d get into the corporate environment and we all know it. That person shows up in a meeting. There’s always that guy or that girl and she hasn’t done her work. She’s just bs-ing her way through it. She’s an Eeyore or she piggybacks on somebody else’s idea. I cringe inside with these people. I’m a velvet steamroller in Corporate America, they call me, which means I will crash you but with a hug. Before you realize any of these languages, in my translation of it and I say this because I think there are a lot of people out there, is that you can spot somebody. What do you do with that then?

Those are the people that always get the raises. Those are the people that are getting the promotions. They’re not even sleeping with the boss. It drives a soul language like you or a person like you would be pre-identifying your languages. It’s almost like a code of manual of, “Hhere’s what I would do.” We will do all of those like magazine quizzes like, “Who’s your perfect relationship?” Picture that you take this fun magazine quiz, which is more important than the main quiz. Logistically you take it, you figure out what it is or they talk to you or talk to a practitioner of yours and you figure out how you navigate life. You figure out how you want it to be. You know how those conversations go the next time you see a total imposter in the board room.

I don’t take it personally anymore. I don’t take it as an up-front. I don’t have to solve their problems. I don’t need to point it out.

What people didn’t realize is when you were a little combative in these meetings was that you thought, “I’m being paid to be here by you, Mister.” 

Doing the best job I can even if you don’t know the truth.

If I let this person bother us, “I’m now stealing from you because this meeting has no validation.” Instead of saying all of that, you said, “Pass the pen.”

I would tell it right out of the gate. Being not conscious of my own energy, not feeling whole and complete, not loving myself also would create this friction. Anyone who was out of integrity or anyone who felt a little bit out of place, they would feel that. Even on a subconscious level and they would go in for the attack. Anyone who was out of integrity didn’t want to work on it. They would be like, “Every word that you say is like scratching on glass.” Where that wasn’t true at all. I’d never wanted it. My biggest thing was I never get when people are mean to anyone. I seriously don’t get that. My thing was always helping. It took me years understanding my internal makeup to become the steel marshmallow that I am, to use that pass the butter voice.

TGJ 8 | Soul Language

Soul Language: The Equalizer is all about creating the perfect formula balance for yourself and others.


Walk me through what a steel marshmallow is. 

It’s tough on the outside and gooey on the inside. In other words, I can say, “Erin, I love you but you can go screw yourself.” You would never know because I’m using my steel marshmallow and my pass the butter voice.

It sounds passive-aggressive to me.

It’s not because I have no agenda. Meaning I am just encoding it now in a way that people have a chance to hear it if they choose to rather than trying to shove that information down their throat, which was what I tried to do all those years. I try to help people come back into that integrity which wasn’t supportive because they didn’t want to. I go, “Here’s the opportunity. If you want it or if you don’t, I’m good. You’re good anyway.”

How can people learn about their soul language? What’s the process of finding out? Because everybody else at home is like, “What are my languages?”

Soul language has been called the Myer-Briggs of the soul.

Tell everybody what Myer-Briggs is.

It’s an identification process about how you operate in the world. This is how you operate from the internal. It takes a practitioner because it’s a metaphysical process. It involves something called muscle testing. Which means, in this case, a practitioner’s body becomes the pendulum on that soul’s behalf. We do an energetic connection and we do muscle testing. We go down some testing sheets and get three yes responses and those are your languages. The testing process takes three minutes.

Can people’s languages change?


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Are you sure? 

Yes, it would be very confusing because think of it as these are your energies from the divine to utilize in this lifetime to achieve whatever you want if these are your bus tickets to get you where you want to go.

When you say divine, what do you mean?

Whatever you call that big thing out there that is bigger than our human nature. I don’t care what you call it. If you want to pray to a rock, go ahead. As long as you know that there’s something out there that is supporting you and has your back so you can feel this deep connection so you don’t feel as lonely as a human because most humans feel alone all the time.

I did an episode with Patrick Ignozzi on loneliness and a bunch of things and I feel lonely a lot, even though I’m always surrounded by a lot of amazing people. Cerebrally, I’m so in my head a lot thinking that sometimes I forget where I’m at and therefore I feel alone.

You are a master. You used to always see the big picture and you’re highly innovative. Those souls that have all of that can feel alone because they’re always out in front. They can feel like, “Where’s my community? Where are the people that understand me?” When you start to hang out with other masters, pioneers, and innovators, you’re like, “These people get me.” It’s just a matter of understanding in a bigger way where you fit in the world and how you attract those resources that support that.

It feels there’s a big responsibility. I always feel like I’m at risk of letting someone down.

That’s the unconscious use of that language. That’s the one part where this is where it becomes interesting because you can go in and that’s from programming, that’s a belief, that’s a lie I’m telling some to myself. It transforms that belief. In that case, I would always say to a master or an innovator, “You’re only responsible for how you respond and everyone else is playing the game.” If they sign up to go with you on your journey and be part of their journey, they’re responsible for that. You’re only responsible for giving them the best opportunity you can. They have to play the game themselves. That usually lets a big weight off someone’s shoulder also with people with that kind of responsibility thing, what they’re afraid of when we go deep down is they’re going to let God down. I always go, “You can screw this up, you’re good.”

Technically, he already knows you’re going to do that.

God knows everything that’s going to happen. If you go left and everything you’re having, you’re going to go right. God doesn’t know if you’re going to go left or right because you have free will. That’s our greatest gift in choice. That’s what people who are afraid of responsibility or having too much, have to understand. Everyone has a choice. You’re not responsible for anyone else’s choice.

TGJ 8 | Soul Language

Soul Language: Your Soul Language are your energies from the divine to utilize in this lifetime to achieve whatever you want.


What about the fate conversation? Let’s talk about it. Fate knows it’s like, “It must’ve been fate.” That wouldn’t suggest that somebody does know if you’re going left or right.

That’s a cap out.

You don’t agree that nothing is pre-determined. 

No, I don’t. People use divine timing, fate, past lives for not to make a choice in their life, not to respond from a place of consciousness. It quite annoys me when people go, “It must have been divine timing.” I’m like, “No, look at all the choices that you made to sabotage yourself. Look at the belief system that’s not supporting what you want and let’s talk about that instead of just sloughing it off to divine timing so you feel good.”

When we’re up in heaven, somehow that word stuck but the God, universe, everybody goes, “Heaven.” Somehow that’s okay but everybody wants to call the divine higher power or something different but they’re all living in the same areas. They all like the sub-development that the person is created. It’s like the address, it’s just who the builder was is up for debate. Wouldn’t that be than the fate of what we say we want to do? What’s the difference between saying what we want to do in our next lifetime to suggest there are next times or for those that don’t believe in reincarnation? I don’t think there’s any debate that there’s a plan, there’s a vision, there’s some meeting about what happens when you come down to earth.

I think that you sit down and what I call this the sole table and you go, “Here’s what I want to experience this time around” I don’t think it’s detail-oriented. What I think it is is I want to experience great freedom this time around. What are energies you’re going to need to do that? What’s his soul like to do that? Who are you going to need to attract? What does that possibly look like? My greatest desire is freedom. That’s what I want to achieve. When I’m feeling free, I am living my life. I am so happy. I think that a big vision is about an experience rather than the details.

How did you find out what your greatest desire was? 

I kept asking the question and I kept going, “What if all of the best times of my life if I was to put them in the energetic lineup and strip them down where they have all in common?” It was freedom. It’s like my greatest challenge is self-worth and failure. I looked at all of my challenges, whether they all have in common, self-worth and failure. I know that if I’m feeling failure or I’m in lack of worth, then I’m not free. I need to turn inward and rearrange that.

Your definition of freedom is not necessarily you’re afraid to go about the country. Your definition of freedom is what then?

My definition of freedom which you’re a part of the definition which is odd is that feeling of when we were driving from LA to Santa Barbara in the convertible on a sunny day. That is my feeling of freedom. If it doesn’t feel like that, I know I’m not feeling great.

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It’s not the physical driving. Your freedom is anything that evokes that comfiness. That warm hug of a feeling of what you experienced when we were driving down the coast.

The sun in your face, the wind in your hair and not a care in the world that in your zone.

I’m just saying, we might’ve been along the George Washington Bridge and I was looking out and I was making the joke from Caddyshack or something saying, “I don’t think the heavy stuff’s going to fall down for quite a while.” We’re driving fast enough that I’m paying attention but slow enough that I can still be a goofball. I’m all dressed up and I know who my role is in this meeting. I have to be soft and lovely because you’re the barracuda in the meeting. All of a sudden, I hit this pothole and my joke turns on me. Through the window, the taste of the puddle water of New York City, Hudson River manhole, George Washington Bridge. Do you know what I thought? “I can’t wait to go to the meeting and tell everyone what happened to me.” That’s the basis of this show. I’m not embarrassed by this. Thank you for the tragedy. I love a good story. 

That’s the same day where you thought that a cop was following you and we went across four lanes to get off the highway.

He was following me. He thought I was speeding. I channeled my inner Dukes of Hazzard. I thought it would be fun to see if I could outrun a cop. I got off an exit because I want to see if he was following me. He got off the exit. 

We lost him.

Why don’t we tell people how we met? 

I was in marketing and PR. I was the head of media relations at this PR company. I call you on the phone and I pitch you. You’re like, “Why don’t you come down?” I was offering you a segment. You were at The View.

I was a TV producer at The View and every day we would need to get ideas and inspiration. We didn’t just come up with it our own. There’s a world of PR people out there that would pitch us, call us, email us and text us. 

I was one of the few that you would call back.

TGJ 8 | Soul Language

Soul Language: If you are feeling failure or lack of worth, then you are not free.


There are a lot of people that would pitch the show and this happens in PR. You’re so busy working that you don’t necessarily know the media outlet that you’re trying to get your clients into.

That happens a lot.

Lesson number one. Watch the show, read the magazines before you call.

When you pitch in social media, read their profile, do some research. I got offered to talk to somebody because I had my gym. I was like, “Did you not read my profile?”

Maybe you’re friends with somebody named Jim but not gym. 

You invite me to come and watch the show so I come. Not only that but you also said, “Bring your staff.” I brought three or four people and you come out in this gorgeous pink fluffy sweater and you come up and you hugged me. I was like, “Finally. She was not letting go so I had to hug back.”

Once I know someone doesn’t want to hug me and I’m already hugging, I’ll practically make out with you at that point.

You leave and everyone’s like, “How do you know her?” I was like, “I just met the freak.” You called me to tell me what you were doing, your next step with The Idea Network. You were starting a whole firm just based on ideas.

I created a whole company just based on my ideas. It’s random but it worked. 

I hung up and said, “I’ll call you back.” This is where my tenacity works because I can say something with such a declaration even if it’s not true. I walked into Maureen Libby’s office and I said, “Maureen, you have to hire Erin Saxton. She’s starting this whole new venture and she’s a producer and I think it will give us a leg up because we’re going to create segments directly from the producer’s mouth.” She’s like, “Bring her in. Let’s hire her.” Not for long, you were part of the team for a while.

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I was your employee. I have to say our lunch breaks were awful. I want to tell you.

Here’s why. I will tell it because I work like a dog and didn’t take lunch breaks.

I worked like a dog but here I gave you quality in little bits of time. Why not give me a lunch break?

That’s not my nature.

We finally got a TV in the break room and I was like, “Please can we watch Law and Order?” In Law in Order, you have a half-hour. She’d give me a half-hour. I either get the murder or I’d see the second part where I’d get the person got convicted. I never got a lunch hour. 

Maureen Libby started doing some freaky stuff and they let you go. I was at the end of my rope and you were at the book expo and you said, “Hold on.” You came back. It was like, “Let’s do it.” Our agreement was on a placemat and the rest is history.

We don’t work together but we’re best friends. It’s better than working. I was your boss. You are my boss. We were colleagues and associates. We’ve done everything. 

We still brainstorm. Our next brainstorm is very important. Do you want to know what it is?

Are we going to videotape it?

We could but it’s for my 50th birthday party.

Your birthday parties are always a little weird though. I love you but what you had is roller derby one time. 

That was a great birthday party.

You gave me the name of the storm or thunderstorm.

Storm chaser and Eric was the storm.

I’m going to cut this one off short and say thank you for being here. 

Thank you for everything.

The takeaways are people are going to want to know what their soul languages are. Let’s educate everybody at least give them some areas in where they can go and learn more information. 

I don’t do this anymore but I’d be happy to offer it for your readers. They can go to, they can log on to the services section and sign up for a free fifteen-minute discovery session where one of their soul languages will be identified as my gift. No agenda but you have to mention Jersey Girl in the comments.

Does it matter which soul language? You need all three but having one already is a huge shift in your life.

You can create so much change with just tweaking little things. People try to do it all with transformation instead of focusing on one thing and practicing it. We’ll give you tips to start using because if it’s non-practical, you’re not going to use it. Soul Language is extremely practical.

Thank you for being here. I love you. You’re my best friend. For more information, check out Jen’s social media handles and profile. I will see you all next time.

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TGJ 8 | Soul LanguageJennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive, author, teacher and speaker. She founded her own business, Blooming Grove, Soul Language‘s parent company, in 2004 in response to her intuitive senses and ability to help others feel better about themselves both holistically and naturally, working closely with them to generate a feeling of strength and well-being.

She specializes in helping people connect – to themselves, to each other, and to the Divine. She founded a new paradigm, Soul Language, which provides guidance for understanding our true nature and tools for accessing deeper levels of awareness. This new insight into how the Soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches, and CEOs all over the world as a method for helping people recognize their purpose and live from a place of power and truth. Her modalities of strength include Soul Language™, essential oils, therapeutic kinesiology and pranic healing, among others.