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Did you ever eat something that is so good and yet so bad for you all at the same time that you need a bath or your body needs to get rid of it, but yet you’re still savoring its deliciousness? Welcome to this episode with nutrition specialist Annie Jubb. Today, host Erin Saxton and Annie talk about LifeFood Organic and nutritional fasting and agree that a healthy poo must have floaters. Tune in to discover more about hygiene, cleansing, detox, nutritional counseling, and more.

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Erin Confesses She Doesn’t Drink Water, EVER , With Nutrition Specialist, Annie Jubb

Joining me is someone who feels my pain. She’s here to help me. Did you ever eat something that is so good and yet so bad for you all at the same time that you need a bath or your body needs to get rid of it, but yet you’re still savoring its deliciousness? Please welcome to my show, Annie Jubb. She is the Founder of Lifefood Organic. I have so many questions. I don’t even need a video, TV, podcast or whatever we’re doing here to talk about it. Detoxing, cleansing, vegan diets and intermittent fasting, when I was growing up, you knew you needed to be healthy. You were told to count calories and suddenly I was doing grapefruit diets. How did this all start and do you feel we’re better now or have we gotten off track?

That’s a great question because we have made a lot of strides. We’re better off. We’re healthier people now than we were 30 years ago on the whole because of sanitation and hygiene. Hygiene is nature’s favorite law. When we look at tissue cleansing and we look at any detox or fasting or trying to get yourself caught up to where you want to be in a shorter amount of time, it’s looking at the Law of Hygiene. Nature loves hygiene. Hygiene is basically like if you’re looking at a platter of food, all fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, anybody in the world can look at that and go, “It’s fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.” If you pull off fifteen or twenty packages out of the grocery store and you read off the list of ingredients. You have all of those out in front of you, you know there are lots of flavorings, seasonings and additives. Foods that are not really foods. They’re food additives that are designed to trick your salivatory glands and basically a lot of brain structures into thinking that it’s delicious food, but it’s not.

It’s food that can be stored for long periods of time. It preserves the foods, but it also tricks you into thinking it is food, so you will eat it. It will keep you alive, but there are a lot of toxins in there. There are a lot of chemicals. There are a lot of tricks on the senses. Those things have gotten out of control. We don’t even know what food is. If you’d give an apple to a small child who’s been eating a lot of fast-foods and a lot of these big flavored foods like Skittles, Doritos and things like that. Those are all big flavors that have a lot of chemical flavorings on them and then you have them bite into an apple. We have to retrain the palate to recognize real foods. The food that’s always been good is good now and will forever be good in the future. Those foods are fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Metaphorically, the apple used to be the temptress fruit with Adam and Eve. What kid these days stuck in the Garden of Eden would like to eat the forbidden apple. There’s no flavor compared to that. Now, the kids are used to eating huge flavored foods. Basically, I love that nature’s hygiene and it’s nature’s law. Is detoxifying your body a good way to reset and clean the slate?

Many of those chemical flavorings and foods that had been stored for a long period of time leave a residue within us. If you eat an apple or banana or blueberries or whatever, your body is going to use that. It will use every bit of it and it gets rid of it. It removes it as waste. Because of these toxins, they are unrecognizable to the body and to the cells of the body. The cleansing systems of the body, like the liver, the spleen, the kidneys and this type of a thing. They don’t know what that is. Your liver is going, “I’m going to take it out of the circulation because I don’t know what it is.” We’re going to store it to the side because this chick is eating like four times a day and there’s no chance for detox right now. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to do a little detox. That comes with intermittent fasting or even doing a cleanse where we’re eating fruits and vegetables for a period of time. The body’s hygiene systems get activated and they start cleaning. They’ll go back in there and they’ll clear out those cells or those little pockets of debris, which is basically what a tumor is.

A tumor is a pocket of debris. The body has very carefully tried to isolate it and keep it tucked away so it’s out of the main game of keeping you alive and getting you through your day. Once the detox happens, there’s a rest period. The body is like, “Let’s rush everything out of here.” It’s like we have a filthy house. You’d been working too much. You haven’t been paying attention. You’ve got a couple of days off. You’re in there cleaning. You might ask some people to come and help you. The place looks gorgeous in a few days or however long it takes if you’re renovating the house or whatever. The living metaphor of the body is very true and that it just needs some time. We should think about how we are, how do we feel in our body and what’s our optimum? Giving it an opportunity to do a little cleanse, a little detox or a longer one too. It depends on what your goals are.

I’ve detoxed people. I have a liver and gallbladder flush and a nutritional fasting program that is very thorough. I ran an outpatient fasting clinic in New York City for several years running people through this. I ran thousands of people through it and especially like post-op cancer patients, but people with all kinds of symptoms. We’re given no hope from the medical community because they don’t know anything about detoxing so much. They know a lot about pharmaceuticals and surgeries. That’s where their field of expertise is. They cannot be asked to do nutritional counseling because they don’t know. What we do every day in feeding ourselves is part of the maintenance of the body. You will see some real benefit by paying some closer attention to, “Are you storing the food that you’re eating or is it moving through you very beautifully? Are you creating beautiful cells? Does your skin look healthy and right? Are your bowel movements very easy and they eliminate the waste very easily or do you look like you’ve been storing material?”

Any little headache is indicative of some stagnicity in the intestine. Click To Tweet

Let’s talk about bowel movements. I love to talk about poop. I love it and I analyze it. I remember when I was a producer at The View, we had a guest on and they were doing a health and nutrition book. They said, “Your poop must float in the toilet.” I don’t know if you agree with that or not. I remember that being a wonderful statement because it was about poop.

It’s helpful because it’s like, “What are your visual parameters? What does a healthy poop look like?” You definitely want to have some floaters. The floating bowel movements are loaded with bacteria. The bacteria have allowed them to be buoyant. You want to have at least about half of them. It doesn’t have to be all of them, but you want to have some floaters. If everything sinks to the bottom, it means your microbiome needs some more healthy bacteria. Everybody should focus on eating more fermented foods, friendly ferments like kimchi, sauerkrauts and kombucha. Things like this that feed the microbiome so that your bacteria are healthy, which is very important for your digestion. I’ve been talking about this for many years and all of a sudden, the doctors are catching up. They’re looking at the microbiome and all these wonderful companies like Biome and all these different places where you can send some of your fecal debris in there and they can analyze it. They tell you what bacteria you have and your ancestral bacteria and how to feed them so that your digestion is fantastic.

I would love to do that because there are days where I release weight easily. There are days where I don’t, as we all know. How many times a day should one move their bowels?

Two is good, but more than one. It depends too because some people eat one big meal a day. It depends. If you’re snacking all day, then your bowel movement should be moving down all day long. You’ll notice the level of activity that you have correlating to your bowel movements. I have a couple every day. I often do a hike in the evening. Whenever I do a longer hike in the evening, there’s always another bowel movement on the other side of it. When you’re having those great bowel movements and weight is moving easily through you, it’s probably when you’re more active.

I have adopted a more active lifestyle. Even before doing this, I walked four miles outside. I’m excited about the positive changes I’m making. The detoxing though sometimes I get headaches with detoxing. Is that normal?

It can be. Usually what that is you’re a bit dehydrated. Even if you feel like you’d been drinking a lot of water, sometimes the water is for the cleansing and rinsing. A little bit of a headache depending on where it is, but especially if it’s right in the center around the third eye that’s usually dehydration and also a need for more bowel movements. In my program, I’m having people do a lot of poos every day. I’m encouraging that with certain supplements, laxative expressed or laxative-type of foods and supplements. The goal is to empty out the intestine and any little headache like that is indicative of there’s a little bit of some stagnicity in the intestine, so you can go at it a bunch of different ways. Definitely drink some more water. Have a full glass of water, drink it down and see if that doesn’t knock it out in two or three minutes. Give it half an hour and say, “I haven’t had a bowel movement yet. Maybe I should take a little laxative or some MSM,” or some of the other wonderful things that move your bowels very easily.

What’s MSM?

TGJ 10 | Nutritional Fasting

Nutritional Fasting: We should think about how our body feels and give it an opportunity to do a little cleanse and detox.


It’s an acronym for a $50-word. It’s methylsulfonylmethane, which is basically organic sulfur. We have 100% of my clients on this product. It’s sulfur and we need more sulfur in our diet. As gatherers, we would have a ton of it in little things like dew drops on all of the food. There’s a lot of sulfur in that. We get very little of it now. Most people are a little sulfur deficient. Sulfur shrinks inflammation and it’s very good for moving the bowel. I have 100% of my friends and family and clients. I take it all the time and it’s a beauty nutrient too. It will make your hair grow fast. Your nails will be strong. Your skin will be beautiful. Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body.

It’s in every single cell of the body. It’s crucial, especially in the modern world because it’s your defense to also against a lot of airborne toxins that are very difficult to quantify how many airborne toxins you’re getting in a day. I was back in LA after being in the country for several weeks. I hike up on this trail and I was like, “It feels like I’m struggling now. I hiked this all the time, what’s going on?” I got to the top of the hill and I could lookout. There’s this brown haze over this city. I was like, “It’s hazier and there are more toxins in the air.” I took a little more MSM and some of the things that you can control and felt better.

I clearly know why you’re now known as this world-renowned expert on toxic detoxifying the body. When I was prepping for this interview and I was excited to meet you, I thought, “This woman knows her stuff,” and I could talk to you for hours. There are a lot of people reading that may not have started a detox or they have. Is there a wrong way to detox do you think?

There are ways that are going to feel better. When I was in my early twenties and before I got into nutrition, I was born to behavior physiology and such and for whatever reason, I was like, “Detox.” I was like, “I’ll try lemon water. How bad could it be?” I remember doing two glasses of lemon water and literally retching and feeling sick because that was a fast detox. It makes the stomach extremely alkaline and I must have been very acidic at the time. It didn’t feel good and I was like, “There’s got to be a better way.”

What detox cleanse do you feel is the best way for everyone to start? What’s an easy-peasy one for people to start?

The easy-peasy one is water and for a few hours, just hydrate. Take a good big glass of hopefully filtered tasty water and have two every hour for two or three hours. You’re going to feel great. Your skin is going to look great. The whites of your eyes get clear, white, moist and blinking. You’re like, “My eyes feel good. They feel nourished.” It makes the blood very slippery. We want very slippery blood. Slippery blood is the foundation of health. Stagnicity is the foundation of disease. You always want things moving in the body and even enough water. I’ve seen people dissolve golf ball-sized tumors in different parts of their body by hydrating and getting good water in there. That’s the easiest. The water fast is the easiest fast.

I have a confession to make too and I know your eyes will blink up in most people because most people do, but I trust you. I hate water.

Slippery blood is the foundation of health. Stagnicity is the foundation of disease. Click To Tweet

You probably have not had delicious water.

One time I even muscle tested like, “Does my body need water?” I swear to you, I passed the muscle test because my body was like, “We don’t want water,” which is clearly ridiculous because obviously, we all need water. I was so violently against the water that I had access to that my body shut down. There are all these bottled and filtered waters. I know I need water. We’re made up mostly of water, so I’m not ignorant of it. Is there putting lemon in it? What could I do to increase my water intake? Even now brushing my teeth with water in the morning, I don’t like it.

Do you have a filter in your house where you’re living or your apartment?

I have a house and we have filters.

The filter might not be filtering out certain things. Maybe you’re still getting more chlorine or fluoride. I was staying in this house in Washington State and I thought, “The water here is so good.” I looked at an analysis of it and it had a lot of fluoride in it and also chlorine. I was like, “That’s making me sick. I could barely drink the water.” I drink a lot of water. I went down and I bought a bunch of water. It’s a shame to do that though because you have a good water filtration system on your tap in the kitchen.

That I can invest in and do better with.

The best system I know of, he does all my restaurants and all my houses and stuff, there’s this guy named William. William has a company called You can look at his filters. It’s a stage water filtration system. It takes out 100% of the dissolved solids. It’s about 7% of calcium, so it makes it slightly alkaline. You want to have a pure, totally filtered water with a little bit of alkalinity in it. That alkalinity will help rinse yourselves of any toxins that are there. It’s a natural detox and it tastes delicious. It’s like the apple with the lowest sugar in it, that type of a thing.

TGJ 10 | Nutritional Fasting

Nutritional Fasting: Taking two glasses of water every two to three hours is going to make you feel great.


I could talk to you for hours and I will, I hope you come back. Maybe I’ll look more hydrated. I don’t know. I can’t make promises. I did give up Pepsi. I’m making healthy choices that are better choices. I’m like the little train that could. It’s not wine. It’s not beer. It’s not alcohol. Pepsi and not Diet even because I know that’s a whole different fair. I’ve kicked that now. It’s been a few months since I’m off of that. I didn’t think I was addicted to Pepsi, but I was.

The sugar and the caramel and there are lots of little things in there to keep the salivatory glands excited about it. Your glands and the parts of your brain that respond to it are literally craving it and also your microbiome. There are little bacteria in there. We’re only one out of every ten molecules is human in your body. The rest is bacteria. Those bacteria are hungry and they get fed certain things and they were the ones that wanted to get Pepsi. It’s not even you. You’re like, “I’ll go out and go for a walk.” Your bacteria are like, “I think you need a Pepsi.”

In good times and in bad, I was reaching for a Pepsi. Nothing is quenching my thirst more than a Pepsi. I’m not bashing Pepsi. I’m saying that I’m addicted and now I know that I’m addicted to the point where some people are like, “I’ll treat myself and I’ll have a sweet treat or like a little sinful delight of whatever.” I’m still so bona fide addicted. I can’t touch it. I can’t even switch to something else because it might get me back to Pepsi. I cannot believe it, but I’m grateful that I know that this is going on. I was telling my story that it was something else. That’s my little confession.

It’s so good to lay it all out there. It’s like, “I’m more awoke than you are. I haven’t had a Pepsi in years.” It’s like, “No, I don’t care about all that.” Everybody’s got something right. We’re all working on something and that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. That is all that’s required. Work on the next thing on your list of doing. That’s it. That sounds good. I would encourage you to find something else that you love that’s super good for you, that fills that space. What it did is it was Pepsi, but it also gives you a chance to relax a little bit and to reflect. It gave you a little sugar, a little energy, a little time. Find something else to put in there. You’d like a little bubbly and a little sweet, maybe there’s a kombucha that you like or I make all this amazing little bubbly water too. I’ll take sparkling water. I’ll add little bitters and things to it and try to come with my own concoction. I do a lot of kombucha now too, but I put a lot of fresh lemon juice in there to play with it. You should definitely see how that little spot for something delicious that you like, but it’s good for you and you’d feel good about it.

Eventually, I’ll need to reintroduce some little. There are not many things I turned to for bad vices. I don’t smoke. This was my biggest no-no. In time, I will reintroduce something that’s a healthy replacement.

Beverages are your teacher right now too. It’s like you’re looking at the water. You’re looking at the Pepsi. You’re looking at these things. I would encourage you to get that juicer out and make half a gallon of your favorite juice and go wild with that. That’s also a detox, also cleansing, also achieving your goals of slimming down and feeding the microbiome the food that you want it to crave tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be great if in the morning you woke up and you would like, “I can’t wait to have a green juice?”

If I could one day feel about a green juice like I do about Pepsi, I’ll take a billboard out. I’ll be like, “It worked.” Thank you so much for being here. Can you tell everybody where can they get in touch with you? How can they learn more about you, buy your books and sign up for your programs?

The very best way to reach me is at, my website. You can find me on Instagram, @Annie.Padden.Jubb as well and #AnnieJubb. My books, you can get them through my website or you get them through North Atlantic Books. I hope that you do reach out. I’m very excited to connect with your audience.

Thank you so much. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in. Go drink some water and get rid of those bad toxins.

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