Monthly Archives: December 2019

Erin And Kate Talk About Life’s Purpose And Where To Begin

  Every day is a chance for us to make conscious choices and to take action for our goals. Today, Erin Saxton catches up with bestselling author and publisher Kate Butler. They touch on Kate’s new book, Women Who Illuminate,... Read More

Erin Dives In Deep With BRAVO’s TV Star Dr. Tabasum Mir Regarding Her Marriage And Family

  Being married and leveling up our relationship with our partners is a big leap as it also entails potentially being a mother or father to your children. We need to balance the love and work for our spouse, children,... Read More

Erin Talks to Patrick Ignozzi About Work Friends And Getting Fired

  It can be healthy sometimes to share and converse with your work peers, but when it starts hurting other people then it becomes a problem. In this episode, host Erin Saxton catches up with her old work friend, TV... Read More

Erin Explores An Interesting (And Successful) Business Strategy With Life And Business Strategist, Jill Fosco

  In any field or career, there’s a certain level of trust to allow yourself in order to maximize your potential. In the case of finding creative solutions to a myriad of different problems and situations, trusting your intuition is... Read More