TGJ 18 | Trusting Your Intuition


In any field or career, there’s a certain level of trust to allow yourself in order to maximize your potential. In the case of finding creative solutions to a myriad of different problems and situations, trusting your intuition is your best bet to unlocking your creative potential. Life and business strategist Jill Fosco walks host Erin Saxton through the best practices that should be used when inducing creative solutions and when to begin trusting your intuition. Trusting your intuition isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but building that trust over time is essential in truly being able to perform at your highest level creatively. Otherwise, there’s no forward motion, and you’re left stuck in the same spot.

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Erin Explores An Interesting (And Successful) Business Strategy With Life And Business Strategist, Jill Fosco

My next guest is my kind of girl. She’s a life and business strategist who assist people in achieving their big ideas. I know a thing or two about that, but what she does also is she encourages people to tap into their intuition. Please welcome my guest and my friend, Jill Fosco.

I’m so excited to be with you and for this. I can’t wait to dive in and explore because who knows what’s about to happen?

You and I like to explore. We’ve been friends for a good long time. We met at a business conference. I usually like to talk about our first 24 hours and while I can’t say what our first 24 hours were, we met in Vegas. There alone, it was something crazy. We met at a networking conference and our first 24 hours was a love fest.

I remember being in absolute awe. You probably don’t know that. I’ve always been so fascinated with the media and fascinated with messaging because ever since I could remember, I would be watching TV and be like, “Why did they say that like that? Why did they do that? They were on TV. They had all these people looking at them. Why didn’t they bring the good message in or be powerful or say something uplifting?” That moment is so important and you being so confident and so clear and sharing all these tidbits and pro tips, I was in awe of you. You don’t know that.

What Jill is referring to is when we were at this networking conference, I was one of the keynote speakers. Jill was listening to either a workshop or a keynote that I did. I’m glad you think I’m confident. I am confident in a lot of things. I’m totally not confident in a lot of other things. I think that’s pretty normal. I loved that you’re a firecracker and whatever you dive into is this success. We’re very similar in our approach. We’re very similar in what we do. A brand strategist and you are more of a life strategist. I let people do their life thing. I’m going to focus on people’s brands. You bring a luxe glam gorgeousness to it. Tell me what sets you apart? Why did you decide to do that with that?

Because it wouldn’t leave me alone, Erin. I tried to not have beauty, glam, luxury and that vibe in with my work. I tried to get serious and firm. I feel like that’s not necessarily a thing. It used to be a thing. I believe that year we met, Shark Tank came out, which is so up my alley.

TGJ 18 | Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition: Honing your intuition is all about being in your own flow, as you would be when you’re listening to a good song or making great food.


It’s a great show. I used to work with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks. We were his PR firm.

I might have bugged him at the conference and wanted to know about what he did. If you don’t ask, you don’t know. I feel like back then and that’s cracking open now. It used to be like if you were going to be in that field or you were going to have those kinds of conversations, you almost need to bring that meanness, that firmness to the table. I tried that and it’s so not me. I’d be like, “I did my homework.” That’s not who I am. I love to make people feel beautiful and that’s limitless. I love luxury because I think luxury is a feeling. I don’t think that should be in any way a barrier. It’s a feeling that we can access. When we have that, we glow it. Everything we do has a spark to it and enthusiasm, that passion comes out when you feel good from the inside. It’s like that inner light. You can’t help but radiate it.

It’s attractive whether it’s in business and life or relationships. You’re emanating something that you can’t make up. You can’t buy it. You can’t pay for it. It’s something that you have to tap into within yourself. There’s the inner beauty and outer beauty, no matter what the subject or the topic or the background is going to be and it won’t leave me alone, Erin. I tried. I was like, “No, I’m going to have beauty over here and I’m going be a consultant.” It comes in because it’s something that is supposed to be in my world. It’s something that I assist people with because it goes back to that.

Not all brands are luxury or pretty. Here’s a scenario, pushing back a little. What do you do if somebody comes up to you and it’s just not your version of luxury? Do you then try to find what’s beautiful about that brand or do you decline them working with you?

If people are open, I’m super open. What’s more important to me is do you give a crap about what you’re creating? What I mean by that is do you care that it’s eco-friendly? Do you care where you’re sourcing your ingredients, materials and people? Do you treat your people good? Those foundational things have nothing to do with what it looks like, but if they’re there, small shifts can get you to have that essence that’s permeated throughout your brand. Sometimes it’s not so much a visual change, it’s getting that message in a place that brings about the strength of the integrity behind those relationships. For me, that’s way more important than what anything could ever possibly look like.

It’s luxury, but it’s also way much more than that.

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I love that and it’s funny too because speaking of luxury, in a way, you’re going to bust me. It’s my Trojan horse of a deeper topic. Because if we get into luxury, sometimes we get into conversations with people that have influence and audiences where you can make substantial changes and shifts in those types of conversations. As we know in that category, you have where you can raise money for charity, you can raise money for things. You can have those kinds of conversations. At the end of the day, people are like, “I thought we were talking about makeup or I thought we were talking about branding, intuition and how that all melds together.” The next thing I know, I want to go back to my community and help out. I want to fire up my family. I want to get over myself maybe and roll up my sleeves and do that soup kitchen or whatever it is that has been calling me and on the calendar and something that I haven’t been doing.

You mentioned intuition. How intuitive do you feel we all are naturally?

I feel we all have the ability to strengthen the intuitive nature within us. I did not use to be intuitive. I used to be very analytical and I needed to tap into my intuition because I was making a lot of decisions in a very short period of time, definitely in business. Having those types of conversations and I needed to be able to differentiate people’s energy. Who are going to be the people who are going to have my back? Who is going to be the people who are speaking their truth, keeping their word and being in integrity so that I knew what that felt like and that I could move forward in faith and confidence? It’s not something that I used to have. I worked on it and I honed it. If I can do it, there’s no reason why anyone else can’t.

Walk us through that. What are some baby steps or first best practices to start tapping into our intuition? How do you start working with your clients or even yourself with sharpening that skill?

I believe it’s all about being in the flow. There are a lot of these words and I know that they can mean so many different things for people. I hope as I even say these words, for anyone who wants to start to have a feeling behind it because it’s about the things that necessarily your five senses aren’t limited to. When you’re in the flow, when you’re listening to a good song, you’re making good food. You’re meditating in a bathtub with your salts and a candle or you’re just driving along.

TGJ 18 | Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition: Sometimes, “happy” isn’t attainable, but you still have to make yourself feel as good as you can in order to hear your inner guidance.


We had some crazy nights there at your house, Fosco.

I am like that. To me, it’s therapy. It keeps me aligned and it keeps me super high vibe and charged up and that the information just comes in.

You had us in a bathtub with candles and Barry White music.

I would pick Aretha, but Barry White, I will have to do that one.

If you’re naked in a bathtub, you’re going Aretha?

A Star is Born, the entire soundtrack is what was true for in the bathtub with myself.

I’m learning so much. I’m even blushing because I’ve taken it three steps ahead. You know I always have to do that. Everyone at home knows that.

I was in the flow. My vibe, I don’t know how it could have been higher and I was getting all these insights. I was getting all these business tips and I can go into a little how-to if you want to.

Joking aside, this is good stuff. People are so blocked and not giving themselves the green light to go ahead and just get the download. I’m so intuitive when it comes to listening to myself, but sometimes that what I say sucks to myself. I’m just being honest. I listen to me too much and I shouldn’t be talking to myself the way I talk. Sometimes I’m not very kind to myself, but I’m working on that. I think it’s important to also differentiate between intuition and bashing oneself or getting a message.

If it ever sounds like bashing, that’s not your inner guidance and I want to firmly stand on that. Honestly, if you are hearing or if you are getting something that is not uplifting in nature, it is not your inner guidance. That’s not the highest truth. We have thoughts, we have energy, we have habits, we have sometimes intuitive or the spiritual community, whatever you want to call it. We’ll call it thought-forms like there’s energy around. Have you ever been where you walk into a room, there might not be even anyone in that room, but it feels may be off? Maybe you learned that it was wonky energy or maybe some disagreement, discord or something like that happened there. We pick up on that. There’s so much that we don’t know that we pick up on. I love that conversation because it’s differentiating between what’s around versus what you’re creating. When you’re creating, which is my point, it’s getting me in the mode.

Anything that gets you where you can hear you and it should feel positive, it should feel encouraging. It should feel like it’s taking you higher because that’s where our growth is. That’s where healing occurs. That’s where things that we can explain mend and grow. Which way do plants grow? Down not usually, but the roots do. Everything that’s true, we can find an example of it whether it’s in nature right in front of us. Getting into that difference. It should be encouraging or it’s thoughts and you can turn them down. It’s like, “No, that’s not true.”

To differentiate between that, I have a friend who says, “Up next.” Whether you’re spiritually evolved or not, we all have that self-talk, that critical mind, that negative energy. I love a person who loves themselves so much that there’s no critical and all that is falsely like, “You’re great. Go for it.” I don’t know the opposite of that. For one day, wouldn’t it be fun? I don’t know what’s worse. The person who bashes themselves all the time or the person who thinks they’re so great that they can’t take feedback or any type of collaboration because they know it all. I’m not sure what’s more offensive to me.

I believe that they should be almost equally affecting you in the same way because words aren’t going to cover up your vibration. There’s a deeper thing going on than the words. Whether you’re saying whatever self-depreciating talk or whether you’re saying, “I’m so great, look at me.” You’re saying the same thing but with different words. If you feel you got into that place where you remember you’re limitless because we are. There’s too much that is going on that we can’t explain that is good where it’s like, “Can we get to that place where let’s act like it is real and that we have infinite ability to tap into it and then what?” What if we try that? We’re playing at a higher level, we’re not pushing things around on the planet and having conversations in emails, texts. We’re tapping into something so much greater that we all have equal access to.

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Something that I love to share in regards to intuition. It’s a big nugget that I’ve learned that I would love to pass along to anybody who’s into this work that you can take and run with and have an actual up-leveling experience with honing in your intuition, which is a lot of people are like, “How do you trust your intuition?” It’s accuracy. How do you test your accuracy? Here’s a fun thing that I love to do and I love walking clients through this and it’s super fun. What I use is my note section on my phone. The higher your vibe is, the more access that you’re going to get to the highest, most valuable information that you have access to at any point in time.

The value adds to get up there, which means, “Sorry, you’re going to have to be happier. I’m sorry. You got to get as happy as you can get,” or feel as good as you can get. Because sometimes happy isn’t attainable. The better you can feel, then the increased ability you’re going to have to your best guidance that comes through. That’s always step number one. That’s going to look different for everybody. Aretha Franklin in a bathtub might be someone’s worst nightmare. Don’t do that if that does not make you happy. If you want to go work on a car and that makes you happy and you set the intention to be bringing in your intuitive guidance, then there’s no limit on when or how that can happen.

To separate the “experts” to hobbyists in the realm of intuition, something that I like to do is before I go to bed, I will take the notes section on my phone and I will set an intention. It’s so simple. Remembering that we’re going to get the answer to the question that we ask. Be mindful of what you’re asking because it’s going to magnetize that information. You’re going to get that feedback and it takes a little bit of practice. If I can do it with no intuitive ability to start out and I’m accurate to the point where sometimes it takes about three days and then the event will transpire. I can go in my notes, “This person called,” and I have evidence.

I know what you’re saying, but I want to make sure everyone knows what you’re saying. You’re talking about manifestation, but you’re calling it intuition.

It’s Law of Attraction or mastering your own or creating your reality.

When you go into your notes, sometimes people will talk about writing a question down and they fall asleep and they get the answer why they dream. That’s what you’re saying, but not really what you’re saying. You’re saying that there’s a goal that you’re going to write down or there is something or is it a question or a statement? Get a little more specific.

It’s almost like I’m leaning back on, ask and you shall receive. When I pulled my notes out and this is for me and this can look different. I don’t want to put anything in a box like there’s some right or wrong way, but this is what I do. I’m a very spiritual person. I’m all about God, Spirituality or Source. I don’t care what it’s called. We all can have that conversation. Anybody who wants to, no matter what their specific beliefs is. For me, I write down something to the effect, this is just how I do it. “Dear God, thank you for showing me in my dreams in ways I’ll clearly remember and understand what to do about this, who to call about this. Do I move forward with this?” I try to keep it very simple and concise expecting the answer to come in. I then close the chapter. For me personally, because a lot of people and it’s natural to be turned off by the word God or turned off by the word spirituality. If you want to just surround it with light, whatever resonates with you, surround that process so that you are setting the highest level of intention for it so that you can trust what comes in. We’re not maybe playing into a fear that we might have or other things that can come in, which doesn’t mean that can’t influence your results. It’s like driving. You get better the more you do it.

TGJ 18 | Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition: When you wake up in the morning, write what you feel, no matter how silly you think it is.


When you wake up in the morning, like a journalist or like a reporter, write what you get. I don’t care how silly it is. If you had a dream about a monkey drinking a Coca-Cola, it doesn’t matter. Write it and don’t judge it. As soon as you get up, how did you feel? Where were you? You know what stands out for you. This isn’t for anybody else to go in and read or grade you. This is for you. If you have these insights like, “I had this vision of my aunt and we were at my friend’s house and it was raining.” Don’t overthink it, just put it in your notes and go on about your life and then see what happens. “That aunt called me and she was on her way over to that house and then we were watching a show and it had a Coke in it. I got this idea for this new thing that I wanted to have.” Go into your notes and look at the question and you can start to see how you’re tracking and creating your life, you’re creating in your magnetizing to you what it is that you’re intending.

When you start to see those real-time events happening over and over, you get to trust your intuition. I love it because my husband would be like, “Jill, what are you talking about?” It’s fine. It is what it is. This is what I’m talking about. This person I said was going to call it this time and then he did. It’s like, “Now what?” It’s like I have notes. I write it down so that you can start to move forward on things and maybe step out in places that you wouldn’t normally, but it’s you have your handheld by the universe or by source or whatever you believe in that’s guiding you higher. You’re getting that real-time feedback that even you can’t deny is happening for you in real-time.

It’s also about getting better and honing that in. Lisa Nichols and I used to work together and she’s a bestselling author and she said, “It’s like placing an order at a restaurant. You asked for a filet mignon and you expect, you’re getting the filet mignon within twenty minutes.” You wouldn’t order a filet mignon and accept a Greek salad coming back. You’re like, “I ordered a filet mignon.” It’s about knowing how to place the order, getting it back and strengthening your ordering skills.

I don’t believe it ends. There’s no topping out of tapping in.

I know you work with clients and you’re constantly doing various retreats. Let’s drive traffic to one location, no matter when somebody reads this, they look at your upcoming work. Do you want to talk a little bit about the retreats that you run? What can people know if they want to learn more about you?

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share that. is my home online and you definitely want to subscribe. I do not have an email list that’s going to bombard you in any way, shape or form. I’m not that girl. If you want to stay updated with everything that I have going on, I love working with powerhouses. It’s a natural magnetism I have. People who run their own life and I don’t believe that there’s a limit with that. It could be CEOs, moms, creatives and people with ideas, they have an idea on a napkin that they want to bring to fruition. I love working with those kinds of people who I can sit and help discover ways to bring about their ultimate vision with them intuitively.

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I work with clients. I do virtual sessions. I work with people live and I’m so excited about the retreat. We’re taking the experience live. I get to be the hostess with the mostest, which is one of my favorite things to do and facilitate an experience where you walk away with an intuitive business strategy that aligns with your life. Who you actually are, your divine nature. It’s not something that’s filled with a lot of templates or worksheets or things like that and I’m not knocking that. I want to see what’s inside you and I want you to walk away clear and confident about that and in alignment with your brand, your creation and your soul and what you’re here to accomplish. Your literal iconic work.

We do it at the most beautiful locations where everything is taken care of, where you can hear yourself walk out with clarity in a way where you feel energized, soothed and clear when you get home and ready to hit the ground running versus overwhelmed. I’ve been in different situations where you get home, you’re like, “I’m so much more confused than when I went.” I want you to feel like your soul had a spa vacation and somehow this creativity that is better than any level of creativity that you’ve ever produced just effortlessly streamed out of you in an organized way with high business acumen that’s able to be translated into your dreams.

Thank you for being here and thank you for your lively chatter about topics that can be a little tough to digest. I think you make everything fun and you’re one smart cookie. I adore knowing you.

Thank you so much, Erin. It’s such an honor to be here.

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