TGJ 23 | Things That Annoy You


Your mileage might vary in terms of things that annoy you, but you can’t say that you’re absolutely immune to that feeling of frustration from something seemingly so little. Everyone has at least one thing that really pushes their buttons, and makes them feel like they’re about to pop a vein. Erin Saxton is joined by master intuitive, author, teacher, and speaker Jennifer Urezzio as well as a live studio audience to talk about these things that just ruin your day a few minutes at a time. Through your frustration, you’ll also be able to feel like you’re not alone at all.

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Erin Goes Live With Jennifer Urezzio And The Studio Audience

With me is Jennifer Urezzio. There are things that are bothering me lately. I’ve decided that I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. Have you noticed? Do you think I get upset a lot? Do you think a lot of things bother me? 


When I get mad, I’m mad.

No. Your anger is this giant bucket. It fills and fills like the splash parks. You know it’s coming. We can see it starting to bubble over then it goes and then you blow up and then you feel great.

Everyone else around it feels completely crap, I hope at least. 

You allow the things to fill up again.

You’re saying I hold on to things, I don’t let them go. 

No, you don’t sweat the small stuff. The big stuff, you put it in the bucket until somebody does another big thing and then you’re like, “Well.” As we again would say, “No, with all due respect,” and you know it’s coming. That’s what you do. You don’t want to internalize a lot of things anymore which is great.

I’ve been working on myself. I want to ask Della something.


Della, do you get mad easily? Do you hold onto a lot of stuff?


You work with me. Do I hold on to a lot of stuff or do I let it go? 

You let it go.

There are a few people here. We’re going to join in and out. There’s Jakki Taylor.

I am here from Los Angeles, but a native of New Jersey.

You are from Montclair. You and I worked together.

Yes. Erin, I was thinking about that. Remember when you used to get the staples in your ears? You were so ahead of your time and I was like, “Oh my God.” We did anything and everything to lose weight.

I’ve tried every diet. I still have a scar in there. I put staple in my ear and then what they wanted me to do is do this on my ear. I’m pulling the skin with the staple in my ear.

It was a real staple. I was freaking fascinated. People say she had me at hello, she had me at the staple. Who is this girl? This is my people.

I have never heard that story. I have to tell you, I’m speechless about it.

You have to be focusing on what you’re going to eat. 

If you push, it would take away your appetite a little bit.

I’m going like this and I’m pulling my ear. The staple was right in here and I was pulling the skin away from my ear. 

The things we did.

You go in after a while because it loosens up. We get it stapled.

Did you take a gun and go like that?


This is what people did in the twenties to lose weight. We all have that faith.

Your anger is like this giant bucket. It fills and fills just like at those splash parks. Click To Tweet

It’s not what happened to me. 

I know, in our twenties.

Jakki, do you think Erin will go of a lot of things for now because she did it with you?

Yes. In that environment it was just like, “Eh.” It was live TV. Once it was done, it was done. We all had to let it go. The level of angst that we held when we had to hold it was high. Now, she’s a chill boss.

I have a list of things that are irking me. Number one, when you open up a bag of chips, there’s all that air in the top of the bag. It bothers me. 

That’s a whole lot of chips that were missing.

People at home think I’m kidding. 

Did you think about this?

It annoys me. I notice it right away. When we were younger, they filled the bag up more. I have to say though, it’s a relaxing feeling. When you open up the bag of chips and you put your hand in, it’s like the vacuum-packed feeling going around your hand. It’s weird but I like it. 

You know what I like about all that air is you don’t feel bad when you eat the whole bag. I just ate half of that.

When you get at the bottom of the chip bag, there are all full of tiny pieces of chips. I resent the air. If it wasn’t for that air in the bag.

Do you eat chips all in one bag in one sitting?

It depends on where I am in my life and what kind of chips. It depends on a lot of facts. 

Rudy can eat chips every night. I don’t love potato chips plain. I need them sandwiched with a pretzel. A perfect bite is a potato chip and a pretzel.

Do you know what I do? Cream cheese out of the fridge and I put the chip with the cream cheese.

I’ve done pretzels and cream cheese.

I like a good Kettle Chip. I’m all into the different flavors like the Korean barbecue but then I’ll be on my inner fat girl because I have the whole bag. I’ll pair it with hummus and I’ll feel good about myself because it slows down the process. 

Della, what do you do?

That’s a mind game. I toss the bag up. There’s no need to gauge at the bottom of the bag, just toss it up. 

If you want to feel better, go to sweet potato chips.

When I get potato chips, I feel all vegan. Your mind games will not work.

What else bothers you, Erin?

I need to wear glasses and readers for everything. I know I can’t be the only one that always has to wear these. What happens is I forget how blind I am. I dropped Eric off at hockey practice, so I’m at an ice rank shocker. I have to drive quickly to his high school for a parent sports meeting. It’s one of those. I gather around as it’s a mandatory meeting and done it up. It’s fine. There’s lots of good information. I was told with lots of great information. I got there for the last ten minutes of the meeting, but I tried to make it. 

Did you make eye contact with the proper people so they knew you were there?

No. I got there and it was in the auditorium and it was so packed. I was like, “I’m not even going to get credit for partially being here.” They wouldn’t even know that you were there or not. Our school is so sports-driven and it’s great. The reason why I didn’t make it there on time was that I’ve never driven from the rink, which is in a different town, about twenty minutes from my house directly to the school. It’s dark. I pick up ways and I’m looking and I’m in the car.

Where were your readers? You have to have them at every level of life.

I put in the school name and up comes the school name in one of the choices. I see it. It’s an uncommon name. It’s not like he goes to this Smith School, where twenty Smith things are coming up. I press it and all of a sudden, I’m driving in not so great back roads. There are cops on corners and there are people and it’s freezing out. I saw white people, Latinos, black people, everybody. They were all standing outside and smoking things. I’m like, “What’s going on?” It’s the bowels of New Jersey. I get caught at a stoplight. I’m like, “I can be friends with everybody. What are they smoking?” No one seems cold. I was like, “I am lost.” I thought this GPS, this is a little too much of a shortcut. It turns out I hit the wrong school name. There is another school with a similar name and because I wasn’t wearing these, it brought me a half an hour in the wrong direction. That one thing that bothers me is GPS doesn’t have a big font on the menu for blind people like me. 

I don’t know if you can blame all that on GPS. You do go to your son’s school every day, right?


TGJ 23 | Things That Annoy You

Things That Annoy You: The only good thing about all the air in a bag of chips is that you don’t feel as bad about finishing the whole bag.


Before we move on. How many pair of readers do you now have?

I lost a pair. They fell off of me. When I was hosting the thing on Sunday, I hosted a charity event for kids and domestic abuse. There were court parts that I could be fun and funny. There were parts that I needed to be serious. I was at one of these serious moments and my glasses fell off my body. It fell on the stage and I couldn’t read. Then they’re like, “You’re about to announce the next recipient.” I was like, “I can’t read what I’m doing.” Finally, I found readers and I saved the day. Now I understand that it makes me have readers everywhere in the house. Then my dog solely eats them. I was also stuck in traffic headed towards another game. Traffic is not oddly on my list. It shouldn’t be on my list. I feel like I can’t control the traffic. That’s one of those things I let go. I don’t have to eat the chicken because it’s in the air. I could control being a dumb ass. I noticed it has three vehicles that had bumper stickers that say they stop at railroad tracks. That annoyed me.

We all do, don’t we? We all stop at railroad tracks.

What do you mean stop when the thing isn’t there? 

No. If they see a railroad track, they have to stop.

We all have to stop. 

No, you can go. If you’re in a town and you’re going over a railroad track.

There is always a stop sign before you hit the railroad tracks.

What is the point in a bumper sticker? That would annoy me too.

I think that’s a school vehicle. I don’t know why, but they always have to stop at railroad tracks. That annoys me. What annoys me is the bumper sticker telling me that they have to stop at railroad tracks. What annoys me even more than that are bumper stickers in general. I don’t want to know your stick figure family. 

I don’t want to know that there’s a baby on board.

The stick figure angels, if you’re in heaven, they’d feed you by then. 

Do the stick figures mean they’re dead?

Yes, they’re little angel stick figures. 

I didn’t know about the angel stick figure.

The stick figure family meaning they lost a little person?

I didn’t know that, Jen.

I feel guilty saying I don’t like them.

That’s not great.

I saw a garbage truck. There was this airbrush portrait of a young, attractive looking girl. I thought, “Please don’t have died?” It seems all inappropriate. If I die, make me a stick figure. 

Skinny is overrated.

I do not agree. Let me find out and I’ll let you know. I’ll let you know if it’s overrated.

I know all of us have been skinny. When you were skinny, where you truly happy or did you want to be skinnier?

I would want to be skinnier. 

The other thing that bothers me, and this happens every morning. I set my alarm because I’m sure I’ll freak out if my son is going to try to wake himself up by himself and he’d be fine. I’m more of a control freak. I set my alarm and then I hit snooze. I have a second alarm and then that goes off and I hit snooze. By that time, I’m annoyed with all my alarms. The first snooze already went off. By then, I’m up and already making coffee or I’m in the restroom.

What time does the first alarm go off? 

It’s at 6:21 in the morning. What I do every morning and maybe I’m annoyed with myself more than it. I always forget to hit the second snooze alarm. What happens? I’m not attached to my phone yet when I’m walking around that early in the morning and it is inevitable. I will be in the bathroom. The phone will be in my room, Rudy is in bed and then you wake up the whole flipping house except the one person that I want to wake up, which is my kid upstairs. I do that every morning. I get so mad at myself for doing that every morning. I’m not sure I will get up.

You always get up anyway.

I’m not sure why.

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Why are you not sure?

I’m with Erin. I feel the same way. I do the same thing. If you were so sure, you wouldn’t need an alarm. That’s why you have an alarm to wake you up. It’s so easy to fall back asleep.

Jen, your body just wakes up?

Between 7:00 and 8:00 every morning.

What if you have something important to do? 

If I’m going to the airport at 6:00 and I’ve got to get up at 4:00, then I set an alarm, but I don’t have any meetings before 9:00. I work for myself. Any meeting I’m on, I’m in my pajamas with no brushing my teeth and my hair sticking up.

Della, you too? Don’t you need one? 

No. I can go to sleep at 2:00 and I still get up at 5:30 without an alarm.

You’re up even before me. Do you naturally get up that early?

Yes. I’ve been doing it for several years.

That’s impressive.

What irks you, guys?

When people don’t fully listen or read a text. They ask the question that you’ve already answered.

I hate group texts.

Don’t send her, Jakki. 

Carolyn from South Carolina says she hates group texts. I like the one person that doesn’t know they’re on a group text and then they keep talking. You’re like, “There are twenty other people on this.” Then you’re about to say something bad. Carolyn said the reason why she hates it is because you get notified every time someone responds.

You can take yourself out of the group.

Then you’ll look like a jerk.

The group text that I hate the most is with school moms. 

I hate that and I’m not even a school mom. I can only imagine.

Moms do understand that. You’re trying to one-up me right now on a text and then I feel like, “Don’t. I can’t. No.” 

It’s Carolyn from South Carolina.

The one that I hate is when I’m listening to a live like a Facebook Live and the person is all the way into the live and new people get on the live in the audience. At the very point where they’re going, “I have three things I want to point out,” they get to the second and then they get to third, “Hi, fellows.” They go to another point without hitting the third point. If you’re in a meeting or you’re physically at a building and someone walks in very late, they knew what time to be there and the speaker starts addressing them and forgets their points. I never get near the third point.

I’m with you. You promised me three points. I want all three.

You’re going to remember the point you forgot at the end and now make us stay twenty minutes long because you’re a dumb-dumb. 

Erin, is there a Christmas tree in the studio?

No, but downstairs looks so amazing. 

There are no decorations for the studio.

To be honest with you, do you want to know why there are no decorations in here? I was locked out of here for a week. We got new hardware on the doors. This happened downstairs. When we shut the door, there’s this weird clicking mechanism. We got locked out of our bedroom downstairs. Rudy and Eric, everybody’s pretending they’re trying to break through the door. We could not break through that door. You were pretty bouncing off how these guys and girls are on TV.

TGJ 23 | Things That Annoy You

Things That Annoy You: You should have an alarm when you wake up because it’s so easy to fall back asleep.


We had to get a replacement door. I didn’t want to break another door because that store downstairs, they’re not painted and it still doesn’t have a doorknob. There’s a hole. It’s totally trapped. When this happened, I thought I’m going to keep trying to use a screwdriver. Finally, a serviceman was here. The serviceman was here for something else and I said, “You seem to have a lot of tools on that bag. I’m wondering if you have anything in there that could open my door.” It was almost to say poke a hole. I was like, “You seem on that tool belt of yours to have the thing that could poke the hole.” I didn’t though. 

You want the handyman to fix the door.

We took out this poker. It was the poker thing. He poked it into that doorknob and then it opened.

You’re going to make me have to rush through this one. We don’t want to pressure this one.

It was open. I haven’t been here inside the opening week. That’s why, Jakki, there are no Christmas decorations. I’m in my apartment for less than 24 hours. Kerri comes over, goes to the bathroom, shuts the door and comes out and she goes, “I locked the bathroom door shut.” 

You’re good at taking the poker thing and trying to poke your way out of the hole.

You should not be that girl from Jersey, maybe you’re that girl that pokes.

I’m never a slowpoke. I timed it. Stay tune for another fun episode of That Girl From Jersey. I’ll see you later.

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TGJ 23 | Things That Annoy You

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