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Erin Talks With Scot Ferrell, The Ultimate Relationship Guy, About Boundaries & Communication

  “It’s not them, it’s you,” says the ultimate relationship guy, Scot Ferrell. Scot is a nationally known authority on business behavior, human programming, family and marriage, parenting, and finding purpose. In this episode, Erin Saxton talks with Scot about... Read More

Erin Calls Out Justin Timberlake And Patrick Calls Out A Nugget Of Truth

  A career in entertainment is now always an option that’s viable, especially when you’re lacking in tools, training, or connections. This is why you always have to make sure you’re presenting yourself at the top of your game. Erin... Read More

Erin Goes LIVE With Melissa, Della, Jackie, & Carolyn And Talk About Greeting Cards, Signs, And Prom Adventures!

  Interesting interactions between people of any age always end up making for a good story, and there are a lot of stories here. They say that the truth is stranger than fiction, but sometimes, it’s just funny. Erin Saxton... Read More

Erin Goes Live With Jennifer Urezzio And The Studio Audience

  Your mileage might vary in terms of things that annoy you, but you can’t say that you’re absolutely immune to that feeling of frustration from something seemingly so little. Everyone has at least one thing that really pushes their... Read More

Erin And Kate Talk About Life’s Purpose And Where To Begin

  Every day is a chance for us to make conscious choices and to take action for our goals. Today, Erin Saxton catches up with bestselling author and publisher Kate Butler. They touch on Kate’s new book, Women Who Illuminate,... Read More