Buckle up and get ready! My highly-anticipated online TV show, “That Girl from Jersey” is available to the public! Weekly video podcasts where I interview influential guests with a sprinkle of my New Jersey swag. 

I know what you’re thinking. There are over 700,000 podcast shows and over 29 million episodes, why would I dare jump into the enormous sea of podcasts? Oh good gracious!

For years people have watched me work in the public relations field, often aside some of the biggest celebrities in the world. They’ve watched me bring out the best in people with my pizazz and one-in-a-million interview style. But yeah, this is a little different. 

That Girl From Jersey is completely uncensored! I get to express my personality and connect with my audience with my Jersian attitude in a less formal way. 

This is no ordinary “talk show” podcast and online TV show that bores viewers and listeners to death. It’s a fun and exciting podcast for those who can handle the energetic and sometimes humorous nature of my personality. 

We’ll interview guests and discuss interesting topics — everything from current events, funny topics, interesting stories and much more.

You’ll be fully entertained, bursting with laughter, uncontrollable excitement and anticipation of what will happen next. You’ll be completely sucked into these sizzling hot conversations asking yourself “Did she really just say that?” But we all know the answer.

“YES! She did!” Never been to New Jersey? Don’t worry about it. I’m bringing Jersey to you — direct from my professional studio or on location every week. Give yourself a break and enjoy this wild and fun journey with me and special guests each week.

The show is available for download on major platforms: iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and video platforms such as YouTube.

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Episode Blogs

TGJ 15 | Self-Appreciation
  Self-appreciation is a powerful tool for success. For empowered women like Emme, it has driven them to a career not dictated by societal indifference but by self-love. Emme is globally recognized as an innovative social reformer for women’s empowerment and positive body image. Today, Erin Saxton discusses with Emme her exciting career path and addresses the huge disconnect between the perception of equal body types, self-appreciation, and learning to accept and love who they
TGJ 14 | Optimal Leadership
  Anyone recovering from any illness can still be great leaders. Mark Hattas, the author of Awakening the Optimal Leader, influences leaders towards creating a work environment that prioritizes respect for culture and inner guidance. Today, Erin Saxton has an in-depth discussion with Mark about tuning into our optimal being, what that means, and how to keep the dialogue open at home and at work. By sharing his journey through mental health, Mark is a
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TGJ 13 | MasterPeace Body Therapy
  With technology and many other types of distractions around us, connecting back to ourselves has become difficult. Iyanla Vanzant, a highly acclaimed spiritual life coach, shares to us how we can be one with ourselves again through the MasterPeace Body Therapy. Iyanla and Erin discuss how to get back home through breathing, and the importance of being connected to something bigger than ourselves. Infuse your mind with Iyanla’s teachings as she presents a maintenance
TGJ 12 | Mental Health
  Dreams do come true even when you go through so many tough challenges. In this episode, we learn more about Journey’s Dream – their tools, their mission, and what they need to keep their dream alive. To fully grasp the idea of today’s topic, it is recommended you tune in to a previous episode with Author Mitzi Montague-Bauer (episode 9). Today, Erin speaks with Journey’s “mighty team” where Mark Hattas is very candid about

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