Buckle up and get ready! My highly-anticipated online TV show, “That Girl from Jersey” is available to the public! Weekly video podcasts where I interview influential guests with a sprinkle of my New Jersey swag. 

I know what you’re thinking. There are over 700,000 podcast shows and over 29 million episodes, why would I dare jump into the enormous sea of podcasts? Oh good gracious!

For years people have watched me work in the public relations field, often aside some of the biggest celebrities in the world. They’ve watched me bring out the best in people with my pizazz and one-in-a-million interview style. But yeah, this is a little different. 

That Girl From Jersey is completely uncensored! I get to express my personality and connect with my audience with my Jersian attitude in a less formal way. 

This is no ordinary “talk show” podcast and online TV show that bores viewers and listeners to death. It’s a fun and exciting podcast for those who can handle the energetic and sometimes humorous nature of my personality. 

We’ll interview guests and discuss interesting topics — everything from current events, funny topics, interesting stories and much more.

You’ll be fully entertained, bursting with laughter, uncontrollable excitement and anticipation of what will happen next. You’ll be completely sucked into these sizzling hot conversations asking yourself “Did she really just say that?” But we all know the answer.

“YES! She did!” Never been to New Jersey? Don’t worry about it. I’m bringing Jersey to you — direct from my professional studio or on location every week. Give yourself a break and enjoy this wild and fun journey with me and special guests each week.

The show is available for download on major platforms: iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and video platforms such as YouTube.

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Episode Blogs

TGJ 11 | Winning Your Day
  Challenging ourselves to deviate from our daily patterns can be hard, but oftentimes we have to learn how to approach uncertainties without delays. Kris Ward, a woman with a great heart and old soul and the epitome of marketing, shares how we can conquer our hours and days without feeling guilt. The author of Win The HOUR, Win The DAY, Kris teaches us how we can win our hours or days even when we
TGJ 10 | Nutritional Fasting
  Did you ever eat something that is so good and yet so bad for you all at the same time that you need a bath or your body needs to get rid of it, but yet you’re still savoring its deliciousness? Welcome to this episode with nutrition specialist Annie Jubb. Today, host Erin Saxton and Annie talk about LifeFood Organic and nutritional fasting and agree that a healthy poo must have floaters. Tune in
TGJ 9 | Mental Illness
  Boys grow up to be different and more distant from their mothers, and they move away. That is what Mitzi Montague-Bauer realized through her experience with her own son. When Mitzi gave birth to Journey, she didn’t have the same possessive feeling she had with her first-born, Breaha. That is when she knew he belonged to everyone. What she didn’t expect though was losing him to an untimely death. Today, host Erin Saxton is
TGJ 8 | Soul Language
  The beauty of language is in how it allows us to express what it is we want. Diving deeper into our truth, Jennifer Urezzio puts words into our essential nature through what she calls the Soul Language. Having the same name as the company she created and founded, she tells us what Soul Language is and how we can identify what language we use. Jennifer then highlights the importance of having the belief of
TGJ 7 | Become Extraordinary
  When we find ourselves in the low points of life, it can be easy to get discouraged and remain there. But as history tells us, most of the great people have become who they are after going through the mud. In this inspiring episode, Cornell Thomas—author, coach, and professional conversationalist—talks about overcoming adversity and redefining positivity and motivation. With his book, Extraordinary: The Distance Between Good and Great, he lets us in on the

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